Why Do Some People Lose The Ability To Think Clearly When They’Re Part Of A Movement?

Two ways if one was to use social media, they could end up finding out about a number of movements. This could be the result of what one of their friends has shared, or it could be due to what is trending. Through coming across something here, they could soon feel compelled to get involved with what they see.

Another way yet, if one was at work or if they were a student, they could end up hearing other people talk about what they are involved with. In fact, they could even ask one if they would like to get involved. Therefore, even if one didn’t hear about something online, it is not necessarily going to leave them out in the cold, so to speak.

In addition to this, there are the more traditional ways of hearing about things. For example, if a protest had just taken place somewhere, it could end up being covered by the media. Upon hearing about this, it could end up going in one ear and out of the other, or they could feel the urge to know more.

If this is the case, they can just go online and take a deeper look. Something for everyone if they want to join a movement that is taking place in their country, they can, but if they want to join an even bigger one, this will also be an option. When it comes to what they are drawn to, it could be something that is affecting them directly, or it could relate to something that they believe needs to change.

When it comes to something that is directly having an impact on them, they might not want to wait around. This could then be something that has been having a negative effect on their life for as long as they can remember. Perhaps one of their friends pointed it out to them, or they might have heard about it whilst they were at university, for instance.

But regardless of this, they are going to be drawn to a movement, and the sooner they can do something about what is taking place, the better it will be for them. And, while this could become another part of their life, it could end up becoming their whole life. A new identity how one sees themselves can be defined by the movement they have joined, and this will then influence how they perceive the world.

One way of looking at this will be to say that it will be as if they have put on special glasses, and these will influence what they do or don’t see. And, what this can do is make it easier for them to notice things that are not right, and this can then increase their sense of injustice. It can then be clear to them that the world is not right, and that they are doing the right thing.

Reality however, what this can cause them to overlook is the fact that they are not simply observing reality. What they expect to experience is going to play a big role in what they actually experience. Thus, through focusing on a problem, it will be normal for one to have more experiences that validate what they believe.

Out of balance if one is not aware of this, they can come to believe that their experiences prove how bad something is. Yet, what it can show is that they are simply blocking out anything that goes against what they believe. It is then not that one is being exposed to how bad something is; it is that this is what they are choosing to see.

One is then not going to be interested in getting a balanced perspective of what is taking place; they just want to be right. Playing their part when it comes to making a difference, they won’t need to be around others or to join a demonstration; they can simply share things on social media. They could start their own blog, make videos, and they could even start a petition.

And while this will allow then to make new friends, they could also lose some of their old friends. In their eyes, they could believe that one is no longer in touch with reality, and they might even see them as suffering from paranoid delusions. Through being so caught up in a movement, it is no longer going to be possible for them to think clearly.

As to why they can’t think clearly, there will be at least two things that will need to be considered: the effect the movement is having on them, and what their mental and emotional health was like before they got involved. A closer look when one is part of a movement, it can cause them to feel: connected, empowered, and as though they belong. This can then pump them up and, when they believe they are standing up for the right thing, they can experience a sense of being morally superior.

Through being in this state, their mind is going to be closed to anything that goes against what they believe, and they will be high on emotions. If they had mental and emotional challenges to begin with, this can also make it harder for them to think clearly. Conclusion it could be said that the ideal it will be for someone to look into why they want to join a movement before they actually join one.

This will give them the opportunity to see how their inner world is effecting how they experience the outer world. As if they simply ignore what is taking place within them and end up trying to change what is taking place externally, they could end up doing more harm than good.

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