Why You Should Always Read Your Spring Reader

Back in grade 7, we used to have spring readers with stories in varieties with questions at the back of each chapter that we partly had to answer in class in our notebooks and do the rest as homework. There was a funny chapter in it that i remember today and yet it had a valuable moral lesson. It is used its claw to grip the cheese from its mouth and clasped its claw with the cheese while resting on the tree branch and then started to sing.

So the fox got defeated. So i think you got my point about what i am already trying to say. We all need to read our spring readers ahead of time so that we can take the right actions when a challenge or disaster strikes us.

We don’t let anyone or anything fool us because we have already read our spring readers in advance and know how to talk, behave or speak up. Children need to be equipped with their spring readers as much as adults. This can result from parents at home or teachers at school, teaching them and giving them the right lessons so that in times of danger, they are able to take wise actions and save themselves.

Adults need to quip themselves with their spring readers by investing themselves in books on self-improvement, attending the right seminars and webinars. Once they have prepared themselves for the face of a possible calamity, yes, they can confront them boldly and outwit them, coming out on top. Children and adults alike should not fear anything, have faith in god, remember the lessons they have learnt and apply them at appropriate times so that no casualties happen.

Of course children and adults will nevertheless make mistakes. Learning from life’s lessons and mistakes is equivalent to learning from spring readers and that is getting better equipped and more experienced so that you don’t make the same mistakes a second time. Therefore, while you go along with life, remind yourself as well as your child the lessons you have learnt from your spring reader.

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